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Campus Administration

Elgin Middle School

1351 N. Avenue C
Elgin, Texas 78621
Phone: (512) 281-3382
Fax: (512) 281-9781


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Name Position/Title Email Ext.
Moore, Delores Counselor 1516
Sand, Amanda SEL Counselor 1508
Stover, Mallory SEL Counselor 1586
Vacant AWARE Community Project Manager   1528
Ramirez, Cynthia CIS Program Manager 1571


Front Office Support Staff

Name Position/Title Email Ext.
Diaz, Elsie Receptionist 1500
Galvan, Eilene Registrar 1503
Martinez, Christina Nurse LVN 1504
Nash, Stacy Administrative Asst. - AP's Office 1514
Rodriquez, Monica Administrative Asst. - Principal's Office 1501
Washington, Erica Attendance Clerk 1579
Yanez, Maricsa Administrative Asst. - Counselor's Office 1502


Teachers & Campus Support Staff

Name Position/Title Email Ext.
Aduddell, Tracie Teacher Health 1584
Badillo, Jorge Instructional Coach 1517
Boyd, Lanedra ACE Site Coordinator 1587
Bradley, Kevin Teacher US History 1560
Brock, Catherine Teacher Theatre Arts 1526
Caine, Trekeshelia Teacher SS/Sci Inclusion 1544
Casarez, Amanda Teacher Algebra 1531
Clark, Kelly Teacher Librarian 1525
Clowdus, Anthony Teacher ELA 1559
Coleman, Shawana Teacher CCR/Health 1532
Conway, Paytan Teacher RLA 1594
Core, Rebecca Teacher Art 1534
Crenshaw, Breun Teacher SS 1572
David, Lauren Teacher Dance 1583
Debaisieux, Constance Student Teacher  
Esquivel, Jenna Classroom Aide  
Evans, Victoria Teacher PE/Ath. 1548
Fennix, Turran Teacher ELA 1577
Gallegos, Elizabeth Classroom Aide  
Garza, Lauren Teacher Math Intervention 1536
Glover, Tianna Teacher Math Intervention 1585
Gonzales, Andrea Teacher CCR 1541
Gonzales, Theresa Teacher Science 1538
Gracia, Aricia Teacher ELA 1533
Green, Ryan Classroom Aide  
Gruetzner, Christy Teacher Math 1530
Hale, Aliyah Teacher Art 1597
Harden, Carnicia Hall Monitor  
Hasten, Marcus Teacher RLA Intervention 1547
Hernandez, Baleria Classroom Aide  
Hidalgo, Daniela Classroom Aide   
Jaimes, Laura Instructional Coach 1563
Jones-Porter, Jocelyn Classroom Aide  
Jordan, Daphne Teacher CCR/Health 1566
Kuethe, Angela Crossing Guard  
Lange, Denise Long-Term Substitute Teacher  
Lumpkins, Travis Teacher Special Ed Resource  
Maedgen, Dustin Teacher PE/Ath. 1515
Martin, Tempestt Teacher US History 1557
Mayo-Reese, Joshua Classroom Aide  
McSorley, Jane Teacher Science 1556
Medina, Alfred Teacher Band 1519
Merka, Blake Teacher TX History 1537
Milligan, Milton Classroom Aide  
Milling, Deidra Teacher Dyslexia   
Morris, Spencer Teacher Band 1518
Morrow, Norma Classroom Aide  
Murray, Joshua Teacher Solid Roots 1523
Navarro, Thalia Teacher Science 1573
Olmedo, Amairani Teacher ELA 1592
O'Neal, Vyrice ARD Facilitator 1553
Pipkin, Caleb Teacher TX History 1589
Pokorny, Taylor Teacher Algebra 1527
Price, Hannah Teacher ELA 1555
Rosales, Maria Classroom Aide  
Sarette, Katie Teacher US History 1570
Shaw, Wesley Teacher Math 1593
Sikes, Tanner Teacher Math 1550
Stevens, Jermaine Teacher Science 1568
Trujillo, Roxanne Classroom Aide  
Urias, Yisel Teacher Spanish 1564
Valdez Weathers, Melissa Teacher Algebra 1539
Valle, Patricia Teacher Math Inclusion 1546
Vasquez, Ivonne Instructional Technology Specialist 1551
Villarreal, Valeria Teacher ELA 1524
Washington, Erica Attendance Clerk 1579
Wolridge, Maryssa Classroom Aide  
Yanez Flores, Cinthya Classroom Aide  
Zamora, Catherine Teacher Science 1558
Zapata, Abel Teacher Science 1574